Monday, August 15, 2011

Friends Online Community

I need to get more friends thorugh online because I would like to share something about myself and my experience about my personal.  Why dating? Why Chatting? These are the questions asked by the youths and teens because they are in that age to think about dating, love and affection by them.  I really need to come out from it because I am jumping up from the age of teens and youths.  So I am the right person to write about dating and chatting because I have some experience about it.

I dont take so much time to write because I really need to get some information from the teens and youths who are currently enjoying love and dates.  So you really get the information from them.  Meanwhile, I can give some tips and tricks to catch the opponent to get positive results for your love.  Why should we affect by love?  We are just human being to affect by the opponent because it is natural to get the reality by the people.  I just need a result from the people who already fall in love.

Who is real friend? who are real friends?  We may not get the results for it because all the friends are trying to be a real friend but they might be acted a person when the time permit?  Sometimes, they may have different personality against you because they need to come out from the reality.  So people may not act as a real person with you because they have some personality which may not allow them to act as a real person.

I can manage my friends who are real friends? Who are not my real friends?  Because I have some calculation which may be given the best results from my best friends?  I really enjoyed when I spend time with my friends?  But I dont have time now which are not permitting me to spend time with them.  Now I started a blog for Friends Online Community to discuss about it more in future.  Thanks friends.  

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